When you break a key in the lock, you may feel that it is impossible to remove the broken key from the lock without help from a locksmith. However, if you know how to remove a broken key from the lock, you can do it by yourself.

Use the following procedure to remove a broken key from a lock:

1) Barbed Wire: Select a wire gauge that is thin enough to fit inside the keyhole, but thick enough to withstand pulling force. Insert the wire into the keyhole and run it down along the groove on the side of the key. Make sure that you do not push it too far or else it will be difficult to remove. Pull back on the wire and it should pull out your key. If not, try again.

2) To remove a key that has been jammed in the lock, carefully insert a hook into the space between the key and keyhole. Then hook the top of the key onto the jag, tilting it upward at an angle. Push the hook upward against the key; then pull it out of the lock.

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