Myth #1 – Sealcoating Fixes Cracks In Asphalt Driveways And Parking Lots
While it’s true that sealcoating in Lake Zurich does help to prevent cracks from getting worse, it’s not the only way to go about it. If you have a crack in your driveway or parking lot, and it’s deep enough that you can put your finger in it and touch the gravel underneath (usually around one inch), then you should call a professional asphalt repair company instead of sealcoating.

Myth #2 – Sealcoating Is Only Applied For Aesthetic Purposes
While it is true that sealcoating helps to make your asphalt look better, there are other benefits as well! Sealcoating helps protect your asphalt from UV rays and other extreme weather conditions. It also helps to keep water from seeping into your pavement and causing damage over time.

Myth #3 – Sealcoating Does Not Require A Professional
If you have an asphalt driveway or parking lot that needs resealing, then we highly recommend calling a professional sealer service like ours.